Essential Foam

Making Sustainable Living Possible 

Rokkia Omar


A wise person once told me; whenever life gets to be too much, take it back to the basics. I’ve lived by this motto ever since, and it has led me to living a zero-waste lifestyle, finding peace and purpose in a very busy cluttered world, and ultimately here: Essential Foam. It was right after my third child that I noticed how thoughtless my shopping patterns had become. With piles and piles of children's clothing, toys, bottles of different skincare products, every container of hair product on the market, and cleaning products I had purchased solely based on fake scents.

Due to my senseless shopping, I noticed two alarming things; housekeeping had become an impossible nightmare and my children were also becoming thoughtless shoppers. While I was hoping and planning for my children to have a thriving future, I was single-handedly making their future more difficult by contributing to so much waste on the only planet they had. This realization kick-started binge-watching videos about minimalism and zero waste living. Transitioning from our shopaholic ways to being more conscious about our buying has had profound effects on my family and household. After testing out most products on the sustainable living market and transforming my family's way of living and mindset I had to create a way to share and help others. This is where the concept of sustainable living made possible came in, and Essential Foam was born.